OmniFormat 21.0

Converts between numerous formats including documents, images and even video
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Converts to and from over 75 file formats such as PDF, PNG, GIF, JPEG, DOC, HTML, XLS, AVI or MPEG. Includes OCR technology and digital rights management features.

OmniFormat is a document and image conversion tool for Windows. It is a free application that converts all types of documents and images and supports more than 75 formats, including JPG, PNG, GIF, PCD, DIB, PDF, TXT, etc.

The program's interface looks outdated and unattractive, however it is intuitive and easy to work with. It is able to convert documents automatically, so all you need to do is choose a folder for the application to monitor; every time you add documents or images to this folder, they will be automatically converted to the selected format. Conversion is fast and accurate, even when dealing with multiple files. From the Options button, you can adjust parameters like image size, contrast/brightness, resolution, and more.

The application is free, but there are many and sudden interruptions with windows and ads popping up all over the screen, which is really frustrating. Another problem with this application is that it does not work on its own, but requires you to install not one but two additional utilities from the same developer, called Pdf995 and Free Converter.

In short, OmniFormat is able to convert multiple documents and images to many image formats quickly and efficiently. But the fact that it displays many ads and needs extra software to work makes me recommend you look for other alternatives.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Converts documents fast
  • Good format support


  • Displays many ads
  • Needs other applications to work
  • Unattractive interface
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